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Mick O’Shea

Sound artist

Mick O’Shea lives and works in Cork city and is a member and director of the Cork Artists Collective and The Guesthouse Project and has been instrumental in establishing a vibrant and growing sound art scene in Cork city. His work spring from his fundamental experience in drawing which influences his approach to sound, sculpture, and food. In 2003 O’Shea and fellow artist Stephen Brandes and Irene Murphy formed The Domestic Godless to create irreverent and absurdist pataphysical cooking events. In 2006 he formed The Quiet Club with sound artist Danny McCarthy to promote and showcase improvised music and soundworks.

In 2007 he formed Gaitkrash Theatre Company (an experimental performance group) with Bernadette Cronin and Regina Crowley. In 2009 he formed TRACE with writer and sound artist Paul Hegarty to record and perform conceptual and themed works together. In 2010 he formed Strange Attractor with four artists from Ireland, Anthony Kelly, Danny McCarthy, Irene Murphy and David Stalling to use improvisational sound and experiment with technology and combined media in site-sensitive contexts.

He has performed with various national and international sound artists and composers such as Rhodri Davies, The Quiet Music Ensemble, John Godfrey, Rajesh Meta, Pauline Oliveros, Karen Power, Steve Roden, Damo Suzuki, David Toop, Stephen Vitiello and Jennifer Walshe and has exhibited in UK, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Tasmania, USA, China and Japan.


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