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Phil Kline's "Unsilent Night"

Echo Echo Dance Theatre

Magazine Street, Derry

A luminous soundscape played by the audience as they promenade through city streets.

Every December since 1992.From New York to San Francisco and Brussels to Saskatoon.

Unsilent Night is an original composition by Phil Kline, written specifically to be heard outdoors in the month of December. It takes the form of a street promenade in which the audience becomes the performer. Each participant gets one of four tracks of music in the form of a cassette, CD, or Mp3. Together all four tracks comprise Unsilent Night.

Participants play different "parts" simultaneously helps create the special sound of the piece. Participants carry boomboxes, or anything that amplifies music, and simultaneously start playing the music. They then walk a carefully chosen route through their city’s streets, creating a unique mobile sound sculpture which is different from every listener's perspective.

Step 1:

Choose Your Instrument

Bring A Boombox Capable of playing cassette or hooking up to smartphone/mp3 player OR Bring Portable Speakers Hooked up to smartphone/mp3 player.

Step 2:

Get One of the Four Tracks

Download A Track

Download a track in advance from one of the links below

Track 1 | Track 2 | Track 3 | Track 4

OR Stream A Track

If at all possible, we suggest downloading the track before the event starts to avoid disruptions in service.

Track 1 | Track 2 | Track 3 | Track 4

OR Download The Mobile App

Choose your app store: Apple iOS | Android

OR Analog Cassette

Some city organizers hand out a limited number of cassettes. Contact your local organizer for more details.

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