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Pitch Shifting at Foyle Pride

Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company

Waterloo House, Magazine St, 

Derry BT48 6HH

Sound is amazing. The possible combination of sounds is infinite. Yet what we hear every day is usually restricted by expectations of what sounds familiar, conventional or… nice.

So, what happens in a queer playground for your spoken sounds?

We’ll be creating an immersive sound installation and this 2 hour workshop is one of the stops along the way – an exploratorium where you’re encouraged to expand your ears beyond usual expectations. Get curious about the surprising, different and usually discarded sounds and transform them through different ways of listening. Your voices will form the basis of the final soundscape composition.

As a participant you’ll be invited to think creatively, speak, listen, read, write, sit and move (walking or wheelchair). Standing is optional and you can input as much or as little as you fancy.

Pitch Shifting is a collaboration between improvising vocalist rit. and Peter O'Doherty of Northern Lights Project.

Participation is FREE but booking is essential. Email to book your place.

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