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Concert 1 - Ed Devane with children from St. Joseph’s National School


8 July 2023



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what to expect

This sound performance is the culmination of workshops held with pupils at St. Joseph's National School Rathmullan, designing and building new instruments - expect clicks, bleeps, drones, hybrid textures and swells!

Over the course of multiple workshops at St. Joseph's National School Rathmullan, Ed has been working with pupils to design and build various instruments that will be used in an electroacoustic sound performance as part of the festival. The pupils will assemble and learn new instruments, have input into the composition process, and perform with Devane's live electronics.

Ed Devane

Ed Devane is a sound artist, instrument designer and workshop facilitator based in Donegal. Beginning his creative career as an electronic music producer, Ed's work evolved over time to encompass interactive sound installations, digital fabrication and audio product design. Central to his work is a desire to involve others in the creative process, usually by incorporating elements that provoke and invite collaboration.

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