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Concert 4 - Landless and Una Lee


9 July 2023



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Exclusive preview of a collaborative multi-part project

Exclusive preview of a collaborative multi-part project, created during a 3-day intensive residency at RAMP, centred around Una Lee's bi-lingual poetic performance work 'po(e)sies'.

Una Lee and Landless will engage in a 3-day intensive residency centred around Una's bi-lingual poetic performance work 'po(e)sies', which preserves a flower-garden in the shape of music. They will collaborate and work on co-interpretation of Una's score in the unique way in which only Landless will be able to enliven and musicalise, as well as enter the initial rehearsal phase for their full-length concert upcoming in 2024. In the post-residency performance, they will present the exclusive preview of this multi-part project in its uncut stage.

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