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Performance - Piano Garden


9 July 2023



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Irish premiere of Annea Lockwood's Piano Garden

We're very excited that, to close her workshop on Sunday 9th July, Xenia Pestova Bennett will perform the Irish premiere of Annea Lockwood's Piano Garden in the new community garden of St. Joseph's School in Rathmullan.

Annea Lockwood’s Piano Transplants are both renowned and infamous. The installations are philosophical process pieces, inviting the audience and the participants to meditate on the environment, impermanence and the brief nature of life through the death of the instruments (already beyond repair). Pianos are either set alight, drowned or buried, their magnificent decay unfolding over time.

With Piano Garden, we are invited to dig trench and place an upright piano in. Plants such as fast growing trees and creepers are encouraged to grow around and eventually through the instrument, which his not protected against the weather. We can revisit the piano as the years unfold, exploring remaining resonance and contemplating the striking beauty of nature and slow decay.

More about Annea Lockwood here.

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