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30 September 2023

0:00 pm

Solo immersive ambisonic concert

entangled explores the nonhuman worlds of the Amazon rainforest, focusing on the fascinating complexity of the continuous sonic flow created by insects, birds, amphibians, mammals, reptiles, fish, plant species, soil, water and the weather. The work facilitates a profound, active and sustained listening experience, cultivating intimate sensory encounters in which affectivity is favoured over signification and representation. It is an invitation to explore listening as a creative act, a form of attention, and a means to investigate the world.

The project is composed from several hundred hours of environmental sound materials recorded in terra firme and flooded forest (várzea) ecosystems within the territories of the Amanã and Mamirauá reserves in the central Brazilian Amazon. The fieldwork was performed over two months in the dry season of 2015 in collaboration with local inhabitants.

The work will be experienced with an 8-channel immersive loudspeaker system configured especially for the occasion.

entangled has been produced with the help and support of Mamirauá Institute (Amazonas), Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC), Queen´s University Belfast, Santander Mobility Award, Laboratory of Acoustics and Sound Arts (LASom), UNICAMP (São Paulo), T-37 (Madrid), Sound and Music (London), and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.


Pablo Sanz is an artist, composer, and researcher. His work includes site-specific and public art projects, immersive spatial audio installations and concerts, and compositions for headphone listening spread through exhibitions, broadcasts and releases. With a focus on the limits and thresholds of perception and attention, he researches listening, sound space, more-than-human vitality, aural energies, and otherness. He sees listening as a political act, meant to resist dominant tendencies in contemporary societies and cultivate alternative forms of being and thinking. His work has been experienced internationally in diverse contexts. He has participated in numerous artistic residencies and has given talks, seminars and workshops internationally.


This event is one of three events that Northern Lights Project is presenting on September 30th as part of Oscillations And Modulations. For more information visit:

The other two events are:

4pm – Electric Circus (New music for live performers and immersive sound)

7pm – Anna Murray & Brian Bridges (Live modular synth & more)

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