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Aonghus McEvoy

Improvising musician from Dublin

Aonghus McEvoy's work moves between oblique restraint and histrionic rock excess often taking the form of collaborations with improvisers, indeterminate scores for small ensembles and skewed takes on folk idioms. He has performed alongside musicians such as  Annette Krebs, Jon Collin, Damo Suzuki, David Maranha, Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh, David Lacey and worked with composers such as Jack Callahan, Eva-Maria Houben & Conal Ryan. 

''You can spend all your time chasing a single guitar line until it trails off into some distant ether or search the background for some obscured reflection that highlights the innate complexity of his work. His use of extended, droning guitar pieces highlights both his inherent understanding of the instrument and his ability to make improvisation appear carefully manicured.''

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