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Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh

Irish viola player living in Glasgow

Aonghus McEvoy

Improvising musician from Dublin

Carla Rees

Performer, Arranger, Composer, Collaborator

David Lacey

Dublin-based percussionist

EL Putnam


Ed Devane

Sound artist, instrument designer

Emma Smith

"There are many strands to my work and sometimes it's hard to find a balance, but they all feed each other and each part would be weaker without the others."

Han-earl Park

“Guitarist Han-earl Park is a musical philosopher…. Expect unexpected things from Park, who is a delightful shape-shifter….” — Brian Morton (Point of Departure)

Jayne Cherry

Performance artist


A-Cappella quartet

Mick O’Shea

Sound artist

Phil Hague

Phil Hague is a multi-percussionist and drummer who works within and outside of established genres.

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